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My Journey

Art was a hobby for most of my life, given time only during stolen moments in between supposedly “more stable” pursuits.  

My growth as a creative person, therefore, has been slow and often halting. Thus, you find me not far from the beginning of my journey, even though I’ve been on it for quite some time.

Now, I power forward with renewed commitment to my career as an artist, whilst still engaged in my other profession as veterinarian specializing in canine behavior and dog training. An odd mix of occupations, some might say, but I find they are actually complimentary to one another.

Often my knowledge of biology and animal anatomy is useful in my artwork wherein animals and nature are often the main feature. But while I love to paint and draw what I see in the natural world, at other times, my art also tends towards the fictional, the fantastical and the surreal.

At this point in my art career I am excited by the realization that art is no longer simply a past time, and it warms the heart to find that I have family and friends who support my artistic pursuits. It took me a long while, but today I confidently declare that, yes, I am an artist.

I invite you to accompany me as I continue to learn and grow. Few things would give me greater pleasure than to pass my inspiration and learning on to others.

Thank you all for your support!

– Marose –