RATES (as of July 2019)

  • Single Pet Portrait in Watercolor. Applies to Full body or Head only:
    • 4″X6″  : 15.00USD
    • 5”X7”   : 45.00USD
    • 8”X10” : 100.00USD
    • 9”X12” : 160.00USD
    • Dimensions refer to the image size only. All paintings have at least a 1 inch margin on all sides, therefore, a 5″x7″ painting is actually at least 7″x9″ in paper size.
  • View samples of my work HERE
  • For orders in the Philippines, please inquire about Peso rate equivalent.
  • Special sizes may be considered, but no larger than 12” on any side.
  • If more than one pet is to be included the rate is +50% of the price of the painting per additional pet in portrait.
  • Frames may be requested. Rates for frames may vary. Please inquire.
  • Special requests (ex. “include pet’s name on collar”, “include pet’s favorite toy”, etc.) may be considered. Requests may incur additional fees.
  • Shipping rates not included.

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  • 300gsm Fabriano Artistico or Arches Watercolor Paper
  • Artist-grade, lightfast paints (Yarka, Holbein)
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity will be included.

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  • Local
    • Metro Manila: 200PHP
    • Provincial: 300PHP
  • International: shipping rates vary
  • Weight of frames may add to shipping cost

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IMPORTANT: You must email me AT LEAST 3 high resolution photographs of your pet together with your order. The more photos you send the better.


  • Take photos of your pet using a digital camera capable of taking high resolution images. Taking pictures with your cellphone is fine as long as your phone is able to produce high quality images, meaning pictures should be clear and in focus and not pixelated when blown up.
  • The light source should be behind you when taking the picture. Do not use a flash when taking a picture of your pet. Photograph your pet in different settings in natural light. Note that photographing your pet in extremely bright light, may cause them to squint and may cause their pupils to be completely constricted.
  • Your pet does not need to be looking directly at the camera to take a good photo. But if you absolutely want your pet to be looking in the direction of the lens, have someone call your pet’s attention by holding a toy or a treat at your shoulder while you are taking a picture.
  • Take the photograph at your pet’s eye level instead of while standing over your pet. Shots taken from above or while you are standing over your pet tend to distort proportions. But, of course, if you have a good eye, feel free to shoot your pet from whatever angle you feel will produce a good picture.
  • High-quality shots of your pet in action are also acceptable.
  • For pets that refuse to hold still, use the sport or burst setting on your camera which will take a series of shots in quick succession.

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  • Philippines / local payments: BDO, BPI Bank Deposit
  • International payments: Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal (Paypal account is not required)
  • NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT equal to 1/3 of the price of the portrait is required to get your portrait scheduled on my calendar for completion. Full payment to be made upon approval of the finished painting and prior to shipping.
  • Shipping rates will be added to the balance.

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  • Please allow 2-3 weeks, from time of confirmed scheduling of your order, for completion of the painting (Time required for shipping not included). Rush orders will incur additional fees.
  • Upon completion of the painting, I will send you a picture of it for your approval. I guarantee that I always do my best to capture the essence of your pet in the style represented by my previous works, and to accommodate all reasonable requests for the painting. However, if for some reason and despite my best effort, the finished painting does not satisfy, you may choose not to complete the payment. I will, however, keep the painting and the deposit.
  • Once you have approved the painting, you may send in your balance with the shipping fee, and upon receipt of the payment, I will send you your painting. Delivery time may take 1-3 weeks depending on where you live.

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Send an email to marosemagpily@gmail.com with the following information:

Subject: Custom Pet Portrait

  • Your Name
  • Your Pet’s Name/s
  • Desired Size of Painting:  4″x7″ /  5″ x 7″  /  8″ x 10″  /  9″ x 12″  / Custom Size
  • Delivery Address
  • Your Message: Tell me what you have in mind for your pet’s portrait
  • DON’T FORGET: Attach your high resolution reference photos to your e-mail. The more the merrier!


  • Limited slots available per month.
  • First come, first served applies for slot reservations.
  • Slots are reserved only once I have received and approved your pet photographs for reference so please be ready with them when placing your order.

I will reply as soon as possible to confirm your order and to let you know how to proceed with payment.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to working on your beloved pet’s portrait!

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