IMPORTANT: The rate information described below serves as a guideline only. Rates may vary depending on the specifications of your project. Please contact me to ask for a quote.

  • Single Character Portrait. COLORED Digital Painting. You will receive your character’s portrait as a digital file sized 8.5″ x 11″at 300dpi resolution. 
    • Head: 70.00USD
    • Bust: 150.00USD
    • Half Body: 250.00USD
    • Full Body: 350.00USD
  • With detailed background: minimum of 10USD additional
  • View samples of my work HERE
  • For orders in the Philippines, please inquire about Peso rate equivalent.
  • The price stated in your quotation DOES NOT INCLUDE the following:
    • revisions requested after the portrait has been completed,
    • prints of the finished portrait,
    • image copyright
  • Revisions will be charged an extra fee (Price to be determined based on requests). Input and changes requested on works-in-progress do not count as revisions.
  • The portrait will be completed in approximately 1 month or in a time agreed upon between myself and the client. Price is reduced by 3% for every 3 days past the deadline.


  • Philippines / local payments: BDO, BPI Bank Deposit
  • International payments: Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal (Paypal account is not required)
  • NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT equal to 1/2 of the price of the portrait is required to get your portrait scheduled on my calendar for completion. Full payment to be made upon approval of the finished painting and prior to shipping.


  • You will receive updates and work-in-progress views of your portrait via e-mail throughout the process. Minor revisions requested during this time will not incur any fees. At my discretion, requests for drastic revisions may incur additional fees. (Example of what I consider to be drastic revisions: change in pose, changing the costume or clothing design) 
  • Upon completion and approval of the portrait, you will be requested to send in your balance. Once received, I will send you the digital file of your portrait via e-mail.
  • I guarantee that I always do my best to capture the essence of your portrait in either your requested style or the style represented by my previous works, and I try to accommodate all reasonable requests for the painting. However, if for some reason and despite my best effort, the finished painting does not satisfy, you may choose not to complete the payment. I will, however, keep the deposit and retain ownership of all the digital files of the work in progress.


  • The completed character portrait is for your own enjoyment and personal use only.
  • You may share the image on your social media channels and website/s. However, where posted online, the client must agree to give credit to me the artist for the artwork.
  • The image must not be altered or distorted in any way, and the signature or copyright must not be tampered with or removed.
  • The portrait may not be used in any commercial way including but not limited to the production of merchandise for sale and advertising.
  • If you are interested in purchasing the copyright for the image I have produced for you please get in touch with me. 


Send an email to with the following information:

Subject: Custom Character Portrait

  • Your Name
  • Character Name
  • Your Message: 
    • Describe your character: What’s their backstory? Desired setting, clothes, weapons, familiars, spells, skills, expression, etc. Provide me with as much detail as you like so I can get to know your character better. 
  • Reference Photos: If you have reference photos that you would like to share, you may attach them to the email or send me a link to where I can find the photo online.

I will reply as soon as possible to confirm your order and to let you know how to proceed with payment.

Thanks! And I’m looking forward to working on your character’s portrait!