I am available for the following types of commissioned artwork: Portraits of People, Pet Portraits, Character Portraits. If you are interested in ordering custom artwork, please click on the corresponding link for more information on how to proceed.

People Portraits

  • I am now accepting commissions requests for watercolor and mixed media portraits of people! Send your high resolution photos to serve as my reference.
  • View samples on my Instagram account HERE 

Pet Portraits

  • Looking for a custom portrait of your furry, feathered or scaled best friend? All I need is some high resolution reference photos, and I can paint you a custom watercolor or mixed media portrait of your beloved pet.

For samples, click HERE.

Character Portraits

  • For role playing gamers, story tellers or people who just want to have their imagined alter ego brought to life. Send me a write-up of your character to receive a quote for a portrait of him/her/it.


For samples, click HERE.